Below is an excerpt from Ed West’s blog post on the Telegraph website yesterday:

“There seems to be far more ethical grassroots politics in the Labour movement right now. Not among the leadership and front bench, nor with the socially liberal elements who are the face, voice and Twitterfeed of the party. I’m more thinking of the Christian socialist side of the Labour movement which, despite the Blair/Brown government’s various equality obsessions, is actually very strong.

I’m thinking of people like Jon Kuhrt of “Faithfulness Matters”, who works for a homeless charity in London, and who is running a campaign against dating agencies aimed at married people, which have now started advertising on public billboards.

Because most of the agencies are basically one-man operations, Kuhrt is trying to persuade the software and services provider, Global Personal, which creates the platform for thousands of online dating sites, to get rid of them. It’s a slightly grey area: Global Personal plays no role in these sites’ activities except providing, in their words, “dating software and customer care, including monitoring of activity within these sites to protect users”. Yet they do, as their spokeswoman conceded, make money from them and so hold some responsibility for what happens as a result.

Global Personals Ltd have said in a statement that: “It is not for us to have an opinion upon the motivations of people who choose to subscribe to any of the dating websites operating on our network; nor upon those who choose to build an online dating site using our platform, as long as they operate within the law to only involve consenting adults.”

It is not for us to have an opinion… that could be the motto of modern Toryism. Yet Kuhrt takes another view, and is trying to persuade Global Personals CEO Ross Williams to drop the married sites and “concentrate on his core business of bringing people together rather than breaking them up”. Kuhrt, a practising Christian, has told his supporters in the strongest possible terms not to write anything unpleasant, rude or aggressive to Williams, but instead to turn around a man who he thinks is essentially decent.

And he may succeed – Williams has agreed to meet Kuhrt to discuss the issue. And it’s all a bit embarrassing for the firm, as next month they’re up for a National Business Award, an award that emphasizes “excellence, innovation and ethical business” where the welcome address will be given by none other than Chancellor George Osborne.”