Interesting developments! Global Personals have pulled out of running affairsdating. 

We see this as a positive step but we have written to Global Personals with the following questions:
1) Is this part of a strategy to withdraw from running or operating websites which encourage/facilitate affairs?
2) Does Global Personals have plans to withdraw from operating the Marital Affair website?
We have not heard back from them yet.  We also await dates for the meeting with them that was offered.

It appears that the ‘brand’ of affairsdating has transferred to the US company Ashley Madison who a large company infamous for running such websites and courting controversy.  Recently they were in the news for using a picture of Boris Johnson on one of their billboards and have sought to develop their business in the UK.

Although it is disappointing that the brand has continued it is clear evidence that our pressure has made a difference. We will have to see what their response is to our questions.

National Business Awards ceremony- Tuesday 8th November

Next Tuesday, it is the ceremony for the National Business Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane in London where Global Personals are shortlisted for 2 of these prestigious awards.  Prime Minister David Cameron have described the awards as an event which celebrates ‘the ‘best of British business’ and Chancellor George Osbourne is due to give the opening speech.

The awards’ judges were made aware that Global Personals’ operate websites such as Marital Affair and we have been told it has been taken into consideration in their scoring. But obviously they could still win. 

Faithfulness Matters does not believe that a company which operates a website such as Marital Affair should be eligible for such government-endorsed recognition.  We would like to know whether George Osbourne agrees with us….