The delegation from Faithfulness Matters met with Global Personals yesterday at their lawyers, Lawson-Cruttenden, to discuss our concerns about the websites they run which encourage and facilitate people to have affairs.  Sadly, the CEO Ross Williams chose not to attend nor send any of his Directors.  Their PR and Marketing Executive, Louisa Page and a communications consultant represented them.

Our perspective
From our perspective the meeting went well. We expressed our objectives and shared with them direct testimony of someone who has been personally affected by the kind of websites that they run.  We unpacked our ethical concerns about the promotion and profiting from breaking up relationships.

Global Personals’ response

  • Global Personals’ view is that as long as what they were doing was within the law and between consenting adults then they did not see it as an problem. 
  • They defended the concept of affairs sites as being ‘more honest’ for people who were looking to be unfaithful.  But they did not offer much of a reply when we asked ‘But not more honest for the partners and children affected?’
  • They did admit that the public advertising of affairs websites is at times inappropriate but emphasised that it was not their responsibility – it was an issue for the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). 

Global Personals made it clear that they intend to continue to run and profit from running the Marital Affair website.

What we asked of Global Personals

We gave them a statement which commits them to pull out of websites which encourage people to have affairs.  We asked that they arrange a further meeting with us to discuss whether Global Personals would sign it with someone senior enough from their side to make this decision.  We would like this meeting to happen within the coming month and asked them to respond by the end of this week.  We await their response.
In the meantime we made clear our campaign would continue.  We emphasised our values but also our commitment to the campaign’s aims.  In many ways things have just begun – we have a clear strategy for how the campaign will roll out over the coming months.

  • On Friday we will be posting an audio testimony of someone involved in the campaign whose ex-husband had 3 affairs on these kind of websites which caused devastation to her and her family.  
  • Next week we will be emailing everyone about the next action we will be taking in the campaign.

Thanks again for all your great support. Please continue to encourage friends to sign up to the Faithfulness Matters Statement so they can receive the emails and be part of this campaign.

Thanks again for all your great support. 
On behalf of the Faithfulness Matters team