Before Christmas, Ross Williams, CEO of Global Personals appeared on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours programme to talk about how successful and profitable the on-line dating business was.  A number of listeners got in touch with the Beeb afterwards to flag up the ethical concerns many have about the websites Global Personals run which encourage people to cheat on their partners.

So this week Jon Kuhrt was invited onto the show to be interviewed about the Faithfulness Matters campaign.  It is due to be broadcast on Friday 6th January at 12.00 midday.

Why this issue is important

We believe that faithfulness between people in committed relationships matters – for individuals, for families, for children and for our communities. We believe that commitment and honesty between couples is worth standing up.  So, we believe that running websites which encourage and facilitate people to have affairs is not legitimate business for a responsible company.  

It goes beyond simply an issue of personal choice because these ‘product’ directly and inherently involve damaging other people’s lives.  Everyone has experience of the real cost that affairs have for the partners and especially when children are affected.

The shabby ethics of Global Personals

Before Christmas, representatives from Faithfulness Matters, including someone whose husband had three affairs on websites like these, met with representatives from Global Personals at their lawyers.  The company dismissed our concerns and confirmed their intentions to continue to run and profit from websites which encourage and facilitate affairs.  Global Personals might be an innovative and profitable company but in terms of their ethics we believe they are shabby.  We are committed to highlighting their lack of ethics until they stop running sites like these.

How you can get involved:

  1. Please read the Faithfulness Matters statement and if you agree with it, ping us a quick email on  You will join the growing list of supporters who want to support the campaign.
  2. Listen to a 90 second audio recording of Susan’s story: the real cost of affairs websites – one woman whose family was ripped apart after her husband had affairs using sites like these
  3. Encourage your MP to join the 30 other MPs who have signed the Early Day Motion in Parliament in support of Faithfulness Matters

Thanks for your support for Faithfulness Matters.

For any media enquiries about the campaign please also email and we will come back to you as soon as we can.