About us

What’s the aim of the campaign?

Faithfulness Matters is a coalition of people, churches and other organisations who believe that no one should make money from breaking up relationships.

The focus of our campaign is to challenge companies who run websites which specifically encourage people who are married or in committed relationships to have affairs.  We believe that this not legitimate business for responsible companies to be involved in and we want them to withdraw from the partnerships they are in to run such websites.

Can anyone join?

Although many of those involved at the outset of this campaign have been Christian groups, our movement is open to everyone and we welcome anyone who endorses The Faithfulness Matters statement.  You can see the list of people who have signed up to the Faithfulness Matters Statement so far.

Some background information and articles:

Supporting organisations, church denominations and networks:



5 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Sheila Malone said:

    We to not want this sort of thing here. We want to promote good family values in the United Kingdom.

  2. christine Heron said:

    Of course faithfulness in Marriage matters! A happy marriage between a man and a woman is the bedrock of good society. Marriage was brought into being by our Creator God, and is the basis of good family life. Unfaithfulness should be RESISTED – not encouraged!
    It hurts everyone involved – especially the children.

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