Quotes of Support

These are just a small selection of the quotes we have been sent.  If you want to add a comment please use the ‘comment’ function at the bottom of the page.  To register with Faithfulness Matters, remember to send an email to faithfulnessmatters@gmail.com

Faithfulness matters is a vital force for change in our society. The idea that people can profit from the destructive power of extra-marital affairs is horrific. Without any regard for the undermining of the trust and respect that are at the heart of marriage, such organisations with their associated websites are destroying relationships rather than creating them, and spreading misery rather than the excitement they falsely promote. Roy McCloughry, Lecturer in Ethics, St John’s College, Nottingham

I agree this is  a vile way of making money and likely to have a damaging effect on children and family life.  Helen Goodman MP

I am writing to give you my personal support for your campaign.  The most creative and transforming power on planet earth is consistent love. Unfaithfulness breaches that consistency and both parents and children suffer the inevitable consequences of immediate insecurity and future lack of trust. John Coles, Director, New Wine

Hi I’m a primary school teacher and deal first hand with the effects of marital breakdown on children.  I fully support both the above statement and your campaign to stop websites encouraging unfaithfulness.  Dee Reynolds

I agree with the statement and would like to join the campaign.  I have written two emails to Ross Williams which have both been ignored.  I am married to David and we are living in Geneva.  Our church at the moment is Evangelical Baptist Church Geneva.  Unfortunately both our close families have been affected by affairs in the last two years, and I have seen at close hand the devastation affairs cause.  I am a Therapeutic Counsellor, and have counselled someone whose partner had an affair. Thanks, Vanessa Waddell

The Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics fully supports the ‘Faithfulness Matters’ campaign. Jonathan Chaplin, Director, www.klice.co.uk

You can put my name down. I am not a religious man but believe in the sanctity of family and relationship. Making money from breaking hearts is a crime. Thanks  Jordan Turner

I wholeheartedly support this campaign as I have witnessed the breakup of marriages and seen the trail of devastation caused. To think that there are people making money out of encouraging and facilitating marital affairs is outrageous, and as a society we need to be loud in declaring that faithfulness matters. There are not just personal consequences when an affair takes place – families are torn apart, trust is shattered and bitterness festers. A society with an increase of mistrust and bitterness more easily enables events like the recent riots to take place. Marital affairs are not ok. Faithfulness truly matters.  Helen Munt, Streatham Baptist Church

I agree with your statement.  I am 36, mum of two young boys and married for 10 years.  Our healthy and happy strong relationship is the key to a bright future for our two nippers. Without our togetherness, their world would crumble and they would lose their faith in love. They are so innocent in their understanding of how cruel the world can be and how cruel people can be to each other. I can feel and see how our love for each other is a building block for them to find and make healthy and loving friendships and relationships in their future . THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!  Debbie Brace, Isleworth

Faithfulness is a central value in good business practice.  Mutual trust is central to human delight in our relationships with each other and with God, who is loving and faithful and in whose image we are made.  Human beings thrive on faithfulness.  Infidelity causes huge pain – especially where children are involved.  I sincerely this campaign causes those who make money out of human infidelity to think again.  Nicholas Sagovsky (CSM member)

Please add my support in my personal capacity to your statement and campaign. The damage caused by infidelity is enormous, not only to the wounded partner but also to other members of the family, especially any children. I am in one of the professions that  helps those wounded by this evil. This tragedy and wickedness should not be turned into entertainment and profit.  Kind regards, David Faulkner, Methodist Minister, Woking and Walton-on-Thames Circuit

I fully support this campaign as someone who has been engaged in community work for 13 years. Even without websites such as this, the effects of family breakdown on children, families and wider communities is deepening and having significant impacts both on societal well-being now and storing up major problems for the future. Websites such as this can only exacerbate the problems with the deception that short term ‘pleasure’ in the context of an affair can be achieved without any negative consequences. I would urge all companies engaged in such activity to put morals ahead of profit and to remove all such websites and advertising.  Jeremy Sharpe, Woodley Baptist Church

In a time when society sees relationships as easily replaceable as domestic appliances it’s great to see people prepared to stand up and be counted. Marriages and families underpin our world and deserve protection.  Jo Clark,  Hastings

“I welcome this campaign, and pray that it succeeds in encouraging a deeper and more honest debate about marriage and faithfulness in society. I work in the field of homelessness and there can be no doubt that the stories of the people who struggle most to find their way in life almost always begin with a broken relationship or an absent parent. Thank you to all who are leading this. With very best wishes,  Alastair Murray Deputy Director, Housing Justice

Strong relationships help support our community, so its only fair that our community helps to support relationships. That is why it is so wrong for businesses to promote faithlessness in order to make money. We can’t stop people from having affairs, but we can demonstrate that our values promote fidelity, loyalty and respect – and that faithfulness is a big part of that.  Sara Apps, member of St Mary’s Church, Battersea and supporter of the CSM

I fully support this approach. I would challenge any company or individual who encourages betrayal in marriage, would you have the same attitude in the work place towards your employer or employee? Would you encourage employees to cheat on their work contracts, conduct “moonlighting” work on the side, and in doing so forsaking their employment rights and regulations? Would you encourage companies to rip of their employers? No.How can you stand in support of employment rights, yet undermine the covenant of marriage which is a far more important institution in a persons life ( and society ) than an employment contract / rights? When was the last time an employee signed an employment contract for life, making promises for better or worse, in front of witnesses, and in the eyes of the law and in some cases God? Never. Because work is not that important. Marriage is.  Regards David Stanley Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

To facilitate the break up of marriages is not only immoral, it further damages and destroys the fabric of society and community and undermines the trust between people that is the basis of healthy relationships.  The damage already done by the break-up of marriages is already in evidence in increasing levels of disturbed behaviour by youngsters in school.  I fully give my support to this campaign by ‘Faithfulness Matters’.  Bob Fyfe-Taylor

The most creative and transforming power on planet earth is consistent love. Unfaithfulness breaches that consistency and both parents and children suffer the inevitable consequences of immediate insecurity and future lack of trust. As a church leader I have spent many hours trying to help people recover from traumas suffered as a result of such unfaithfulness. John Coles, Director, New Wine   www.new-wine.org

I support this campaign as an individual, married man (a one-woman man and proud of it). I also support it as a church leader. Adultery and unfaithfulness in marriage causes huge amounts of pain in individuals – and consequent economic damage (which maybe an argument that weighs more heavily in some circles). While I don’t think legislation makes people holy, I do think it’s worthwhile to try to minimise the opportunities for temptation to make bad choices. Faithfulness really does matter and contributes to general happiness and the commonwealth whereas businesses that profit from appealing to our base impulses contribute nothing to society except the negatives of personal misery and social degradation.  Andrew Ryland

Can’t believe there are soulless companies that believe this is OK.  Playing with human emotions to make a fast buck is frankly sick.  Keep up the good work.  Unfaithfulness runs deep into the core of us at any level, and yes temptation is all around, but we certainly don’t need extra help!! Thank you,  Julia (Married mother of 2 from Beacon Church)

Whilst my own marriage has been a happy and long-lasting one I have seen the caustic effect that an extra-marital affair and subsequent divorce has had on other members of my close family.  It caused a huge amount of distress, heartache and emotional damage to all three people involved and, I am sure that had they realised the consequences, none of them would have embarked on the course of destruction that they followed.  Marriage should be actively promoted and no reputable company should want to be involved in promoting activity that will ultimately lead to hurt, pain and destruction for families.  Cedric Pierce, Streatham, London SW16

I am publishing a book on technology and the Internet in the first half of 2010 (What every Christian should know about the Internet – Day One Publications), and include the following paragraph:

Time Magazine, in an article entitled “Adultery 2.0” explained that there are now web sites developed with slick applications (apps) for the iPhone, Android and the Blackberry aimed at “tech savvy adulterers wary of leaving tracks on work or home computers”.  “Cheating has never been easier” is the claim of AshleyMadison.com, a personals site designed to facilitate extramarital affairs[i].

[i] Time Magazine, July 20, 2009

David Clark, Author and technologist

All too often we have seen the broken hopes and dreams and the pain that follow an affair. We fully support the Faithfulness Matters campaign – because it is possible to be happily married to just one person for a lifetime.

Nicky and Sila Lee, Co-authors of The Marriage Book


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  1. Angie Allport said:

    I’ve just submitted a complaint to the BBC regarding Graham Norton’s show broadcast on Radio 2 yesterday morning (21/1/12). I would urge anyone else who heard the programme and were offended to log a complaint too. Graham had received a communication from a Phil from Barnsley who was either having or contemplating having an affair with someone. (I missed the first part of the programme so I’m not sure which.) Graham then proceeded to treat the whole thing as a joke, talking about “bunny boilers” and how all the women in Barnsley whose husband’s name was Phil would be checking their text messages etc. That was about all I listened to as I turned it off in disgust. Whilst it was Phil who contacted the programme, I can’t believe the programme producers chose to run with the story. These are people’s lives we’re talking about; the things that break up families and damage children. Yet the message that came across from the show was that this sort of behaviour is acceptable.

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