Our Values

Rather than simply make a big noise, this is a campaign which is seeking to bring about real change. For this to happen we need focus and clarity in the way we operate.

We want to ensure that everything we do is consistent with the following values:

  • Positive – we do not just want to state what we are ‘against’ but also what we are ‘for’.  This is why we are called Faithfulness Matters, because we want to stand up for positive values which are good for individuals, good for relationships and good for our communities
  • Pro-active – we believe in standing up against greed and injustice and not simply accepting that this as ‘the way it is’.  We speak out in the hope that people will listen and that things will change.
  • Polite – we will not encourage or incite anyone to be rude, aggressive or mean spirited in this campaign. Being polite adds power to our action.
  • Peace-making – we want to see change happen but we completely reject any language or actions which are at all violent or threatening.  We believe that this kind of behaviour is not only inappropriate but is also counter-productive.
  • Powerful – we want to mobilize enough committed people so that we have power to bring about change.  We believe that when ordinary people make a stand together they can have a positive power to make the world a better place

Whilst Faithfulness Matters is an inclusive movement which welcomes all who agree with the Faithfulness Matters Statement, many of those who have started it are Christians and many churches have supported us. 

Therefore a sixth value is Prayerful as prayer has been a great asset to the campaign so far and for many of us underpins the values listed above.


4 thoughts on “Our Values”

  1. Marie Jones said:

    Thank you for taking a bold but polite stand on this important issue, and for drawing public attention to it. I’m very happy to support your campaign.

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