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This is the statement which sums up what this campaign is all about.

You sign up to join the campaign by sending us an email to

We believe that faithfulness between people in committed relationships matters.  It matters for individuals, for families, for children and for our communities. We believe that commitment, trust and honesty are key cornerstones of a healthy society

Because of this, we do not believe that running websites specifically focused to encourage married people to have affairs is legitimate business for a responsible company.  We do not believe anyone should make money from breaking up relationships. 

We call upon the companies engaged in running websites which encourage people to have affairs to withdraw from the partnerships involved and close these websites.

If you agree to these statement, then please send an email to with your name, your church or organisation (where relevant) and any message of support.

We are building a visible list of people who agree with this statement so we will publish people names and messages of support.  We will of course not publish any emails addresses.


46 thoughts on “Sign our Statement”

  1. These are just a selectionof the many email responses we have had – we will be publishing the list of signatories in the coming days – but thanks for your support.

    I support causes that are close to my heart. I’ve watched my mum been ripped apart by affairs, and I’ve seen the damage that it can do to families. It’s something I care about, and so I support the campaign.”

    Amelia Tucker. Proud to be faithful. 🙂


    I fully support the campaign in favour of faithfulness, in this case highlighting the work done by Global Personals to influence and infiltrate marriages. There are of course many other people who make money from such break-ups – not least solicitors – but this marketing campaign seems particularly flagrant in its aims. It is particularly concerning for relationships in which children have been born and nurtured, and seems to make light of the marriage promise being forever. Thank you for taking this campaign to this level, Kevin


    Hi there,

    I’m Rachel Waitt from Streatham Baptist Church and I think what you are doing is great.

    Strong, committed relationships are the key factor in supporting and sustaining a stable family life and must be the foundation of our society.

    Great work guys.


    Hi, This is my email of support for your campaign.

    Temptation will always be about, however, a business dedicated to just that, to break up marriages? needs to stop now.

    Faith Rowbury.


    I fully support the Faithfulness Matters campaign and would like to sign the statement and get involved.

    Many thanks for all you’re doing. Keep going!

    Mari Williams


    Dear Faithfulness Matters team,

    I support your campaign to encourage those who profit from businesses encouraging extra-marital affairs to desist from their involvement.

    I support this as a private individual, but as one who is also Vicar of a Church of England church, and I will promote the campaign amongst my congregation and networks.


    Graham Hunter


    I fully support this campaign as someone who has been engaged in community work for 13 years. Even without websites such as this, the effects of family breakdown on children, families and wider communities is deepening and having significant impacts both on societal well-being now and storing up major problems for the future. Websites such as this can only exacerbate the problems with the deception that short term ‘pleasure’ in the context of an affair can be achieved without any negative consequences. I would urge all companies engaged in such activity to put morals ahead of profit and to remove all such websites and advertising. Jeremy Sharpe – Woodley Baptist Church

  2. Jean Stephenson said:

    I completely agree with the aim of this campaign. I have experienced the pain of growing up in a family where my father had 2 affairs during my parents marriage, which surived but the impact of the affairs was devestating to us all. As a child, I used to get up at night to check that both my parents were still there. I was in so much fear that my parents might divorce and felt, as the eldest child that I had to be responsible for making everything” all right” at home.

    It is quite wicked that people are getting rich trying to encourage this situation in families. Marriage is based on love, trust and faithfulness. An affair is always devestating. Such thinking is based on Kinsey’s so called research, which was completely false black propaganda; I recommend people read Judith Reisman’s study on Kinsey and the impact he has had in her new book: Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America…and I would add, to the west in general.

  3. Dave Stanley said:

    I fully support this approach. I would challenge any company or individual who encourages betrayal in marriage, would you have the same attitude in the work place towards your employer or employee? Would you encourage employees to cheat on their work contracts, conduct “moonlighting” work on the side, and in doing so forsaking their employment rights and regulations? Would you encourage companies to rip of their employers? No.

    How can you stand in support of employment rights, yet undermine the covenant of marriage which is a far more important institution in a persons life ( and society ) than an employment contract / rights? When was the last time an employee signed an employment contract for life, making promises for better or worse, in front of witnesses, and in the eyes of the law and in some cases God? Never. Because work is not that important. Marriage is.


    David Stanley

    Leamington Spa


    • Darren Hill said:

      I agree great statement!

    • Karin McBride said:

      Well said. Companies would be outraged at such behaviour from their employees, and need to take responsibility for their actions in encouraging and profiting from breaking up relationships and therefore damaging communities. Thank you for highlighting this.

  4. jeremy galpin said:

    Excellent idea which I fully support

  5. Faithfulness matters and society is damaged as this is forgotten. Morality is an evolving concept, but faithfulness will always be valuable.

    It seems to be that any company involved in facilitating marital unfaithfulness must decide whether its unwillingness to act is philosophical or pragmatic. If there are pragmatic issues, perhaps they can be overcome. Where does Global Personals/White Label Dating stand on the philosophical question about its partners’ activities?

    • thanks David – hopefully we will be meeting with them this Friday and we can more of an answer to this important question! Thanks for the support.

      • Dave Stanley said:

        Will they apply the same approach to their employees who choose to “betray” their “contracts” with the company and provide “services” for other businesses?
        It amazes me that those who treat “marriage” with contempt, are often those who claim to stand by employment contracts. Would they be happy for their employer to ignore the “commitment” and benefits it provides with the mutual contract they have signed? I doubt it!
        A marriage is a far more binding “contract” than any “business deal”, yet if there were websites advicating how to rip off your employee / employer, there would be an outcry. Hypocricy I say!

  6. Dee Reynolds said:

    Hi I’m a primary school teacher and deal first hand with the effects of marital breakdown on children.

    I fully support both the above statement and your campaign to stop websites encouraging unfaithfulness.

    Dee Reynolds

  7. Sophia Arthur said:

    I am a member of Streatham Baptist Church and fully endorse the above statement. Please keep up your campaign to stop websites encouraging unfaithfulness.

    God Bless.

    Sophia Arthur

  8. Althea Johnson said:

    Thank you for taking this stand. I am now a single mother of a beautiful child who due to her father wanting to explore extra marital affairs does not know what it is to grow in a secure unit loved by both parents. Society and the media trivialises the harm and irrepairable damage caused by such affairs but it is far reaching and goes beyond the hurt of a scorned wife,broken children right through to layers of communities of all races that gets ripped apart. This is not harmless fun.

  9. Darren Hill said:

    I think these sites should be banned as they promote adultery! As its a ok thing to do.
    When you commit yourself to someone by marriage it’s a promise to one another and to God that you are all I ever want!
    And when websites like these come along they make adultery look cool and ok and company’s that run or advertise in them should take a long look at themselves and think is this really for the greater good?

  10. Elizabeth Hill said:

    Count me in. Elizabeth Hill

  11. Joy Willson said:

    Anyone who thinks extra marital affairs are harmless is grossly mistaken. Like pebbles being dropped in a pool of water – the ripples caused spread out far wider than the size of the pebbles. And adultery can cause unimagineable pain and hurt – and sometimes the knock-on-effect can hurt even future generations. There is enough pain and hurt in the world without actually engineering it. I am a member of Streatham Baptist Church and my heart is for the children – the innocent victims of adultery. I have seen so many chldren torn apart by extra marital affairs and the pain and damage they cause. Please do all you can to stop the companies which promote adulterous relationships. Faithfulnss Matters
    Joy Willson

  12. Mary Stella said:

    I am v. happy to join and support this campaign, me and my kids have suffer a great deal beacuse of my husbands affairs.

    Plz keep up your to campaign .May God help you in all your ways.

  13. Angela Kelly said:

    My name is Angela Kelly. I am a member of Streatham Baptist Church; I was made aware of a campaign by web-based organisations to make money by encouraging people in committed relationships to fracture their relationships by having affairs. In this time of uncertainty, stress and austerity, it is far too easy to overlook what keeps our society stable – faithfulness in relationships. Making money out of vulnerable people looking for a quick fix by encouraging affairs? It has to STOP. If this email can go a little way to force the cessation of predatory behaviour of these organisations, I will be encouraged. I agree wholeheartedly with the statement.

  14. I totally agree with the statement. Adultery should not be promoted by on-line companies, especially for profit.

  15. Vernon Douglas said:

    I totally and wholeheartedly agree to the Faithfulness Matters Statement. The institution of marriage between a man and a woman is a union which God has created. It is therefore, wrong of man to think he can exploit peoples emotions to make a profit out of the notion that unfaithfulness in any committed relationships is ok and should be encouraged through websites.

    Is this how low humans will stoop in order to make a fast buck? And we wonder why the moral fibre of society is breaking down. What message are we sending to our children (future generations) of this world?

  16. jonathan Hayes said:

    Thank you for taking action on this. It’s often hard to know what we as individuals can do to stop these people, so it’s great to have somewhere where we can make our voices hard.

  17. The importance of marriage in our society is rarely valued. Especially in the media, where good, faithful, life-long marriage commitments are so rarely portrayed. As Christians it is so important that we use our voices, and speak up for those values that God cherishes. This is a great idea, and I hope that it really takes off and has a big impact!

  18. ellen white said:

    What a good idea!
    I was gutted when the ASA (advertising standards agency) recently disagreed with my letter complaining that this ad by spearmint rhino encouraged affairs and family breakdown: “When the safe is open, even an honest man will steal” (with a very graphic photo of a woman in underwear)
    God bless your endeavours!
    Ellen White, Saint Helens church, London

  19. steve marsh said:

    I totally support you in your campaign.
    God Bless

  20. Yes, faithfulness does matter!!

  21. Revd Andrew Hetherington said:

    Vicar of Seighford, Chebsey, Ellenhall & Ranton in Staffordshire

  22. Avril Smith said:

    Then said He unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come! Luke 17:1

  23. Sue Humphreys said:

    Faithfulness really does matter!

  24. Jane Petty said:

    With faithfulness comes love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and SELF-CONTROL.
    Without – we have the opposite.

  25. Richard and Jean Ferris said:

    We wholeheartedly agree with the Faithfulness Matters statement and fully support your campaign to close down web sites which encourage unfaithfulness in marriage.

    Richard and Jean Ferris

  26. Rebecca Joynes said:

    I feel so sad that people no longer see marriage as sacrosanct and see nothing wrong with casual sex outside marriage – to me it’s a sign of people’s growing selfishness and their inability/reluctance to consider others first before their own gratification.

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