What you can do

We want as many people to get on board with this campaign as possible.   If you want to get involved then please do the following:

Joining the Faithfulness Matters movement takes seconds.  Please:

1) Read the Faithfulness Matters statement 

2) To sign up to the Statement and join us please send a quick email to FaithfulnessMatters@gmail.com 

You can see the list of the Signatories to the Statement so far.

3) Please encourage other to join up especially via emails, Facebook and Twitter.  Even better, if you are part of a church, an organisation or at work, please encourage others in your group to sign up.

4) Get ready for action.  We have found that companies engaged in running these kind of websites will not take action unless they feel under public pressure to do so.  Faithfulness Matters is 100% committed to legal, non-threatening and polite approaches to campaigning but we are committed to bringing legitimate pressure to bear on companies engaged in this kind of work.

For more on this see our values.


10 thoughts on “What you can do”

  1. Martin & Anna Kuhrt said:

    Well done – excellent cause

    unfaithfulness destroys community and to promote it in order to make money is a blatant organised vice that must be challenged in any civilised society

  2. I wholeheartedly agree… without faithfuless our families, friendships, businesses etc can’t function… stop the profit from actions tear the fabric of society… stop the encouragement that does the same. Cheering you on from here… (N.Z.).
    Great job guys! Ren x

  3. Would it be possible to sign the statement by commenting underneath the statement itself, rather than sending an email. I think it would be an easier way to get people connected.

    • thanks Matt – yes maybe you’re right and we’ll look into that – the only thing is that we want to build a sense of people getting ready to act – to do something and it may well be better to have 50 people up for doing something than just 500 names. We want to have people up for doing something and we want to be able to contact them to let them know

  4. Rev Brian Hassan said:

    Fantastic campaign, it is wonderful to know that people do care about marriage and as a Christian and a Church of Ireland minister I gladly support this movement.

  5. Good job, Jon, we’re very happy to get behind a campaign like this. All the best for Friday.

  6. “Hope is believing despite the evidence and watching the evidence change”. Many of us have talked about this radical message from big Jim and FM is an important campaign to MAKING the evidence change. I’m fully committed to standing alongside those who believe in faithfulness as I know too many people, especially local young people who don’t see enough evidence for believing love, faithfulness and hope are good options in life. This also means we need to build bridges to, meaningfully challenge and propose alternative ways for any who threaten faithfulness as the best option – especially when done so for financial gain. Keep faith FM!

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